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Our actions and plans

Support the economic development


Equi'sol is coordinating a Skill Cluster, called Pole R, on sustainable consumption in the region Rhône-Alpes

Emerging since some years, fair and sustainable consumption have known a fast development. They are the result of a change in mentalities and purchasing behaviour of consumers, who are searching for values and sense. in there consumption.

The region Rhône-Alpes hosts a large number of organizations being involved in these issues (associations, SOHO or SME). That is why, for the “Pole R” it offers the ideal framework to unite the different players in sustainable consumption and to strengthen the structure of those sectors.

The 3 goals of the Cluster “Pole R” are the following:
> To develop and strengthen the partnerships between the economic actors working in sustainable consumption – mutualization, synergies and exchange of experiences
> Professionalization of the actors
> Communicating with professionals and institutions to establish an increased recognition of the sectors of sustainable consumption


Being a member of the Cluster means to benefit:
> of an support in commercial developpment – in partnership with with the website
www.ofretic.com *
> of support in professionalization by formations and working in groups
> of a mutualized communication and shared instituional relationships

*www.ofretic.com is:
> A platform to link suppliers of ethical products to group purchasers
> A tool who facilitates responsable purchase for professionals by offering relay services of public procurement, compilation of quotas and support and sensibilisation of buyers on legal and technical aspects (tender call drafting ...)

Inform and train


Being confronted with multiple acteurs in fair trade and different approaches to it, Equi'sol is aiming to understand the different systems of fair trade and the development of the sector, as well as to inform all kind of publics about the issues of international trade. That is why the association has established several actions:

- Management of two websites:www.equidoc.info (resource center specialized in fair trade – free acces) and  www.educationequitable.com (educational resource center on Fair Trade)

- Development of educational materials on Fair Trade: for example the documentary series “Speaking of Fair Trade”(Original title “Paroles de commerce équitable”), the exhibition, « Which cotton should be spinned? » and a special place mat for children, explaining Fair Trade

- Educational measures in higher education, like in business and management schools or university courses